Jeremy Piven, most famous for his role on the award-winning series “Entourage,” admitted Saturday that it was difficult for him to learn Hebrew as a young boy, and that he had to resort to rap for help ahead of his bar mitzvah.

Speaking to British interviewer Jonathan Ross on his eponymous talk show, Piven described himself as “Jew-ish” and said he was “a terrible bar mitzvah boy. It was hard for me to learn Hebrew. I actually had to rap my haftorah portion.”

The actor then launched into a short rap, putting his Hebrew skills on display.

Ross, clearly impressed, suggested Piven use rap to help other boys through the bar mitzvah process.

To which Piven jokingly replied, “Yes! We’ll get Justin Bieber and circumcise him.”

There’s been no word from Bieber, as of yet, regarding any such plans.

On “Entourage,” an HBO series that ran for eight seasons, Piven played Ari Gold, a high-powered agent in Los Angeles. He won two Golden Globes and three Emmy Awards for the role.