The goalkeeper of the Palestinian Olympic soccer team is under arrest for his role in a shooting attack on Israeli army targets in the West Bank in January, the IDF Spokesman’s office said on Monday.

Omar Abu Rwayyis, 23, the Palestinian goalkeeper, obtained the two AK-47 guns that were used in the shooting, and carried out the attack together with another man, Salih Bar’al, the IDF said in a statement. Both men were said to be employees of the Palestinian Red Crescent, and Abu Rwayyis was also said to be a member of Hamas.

Omar Abu Rwayyis (photo credit: Shin Bet)

Omar Abu Rwayyis (photo credit: Shin Bet)

Thirteen Palestinians in total, residents of the Amari refugee camp near Ramallah, were arrested by the army and the Shin Bet on suspicion of carrying out the attack, which took place in the refugee camp on January 20. The group also allegedly planned other attacks in the West Bank.

No members of the IDF were injured in the attack. Damage was caused to a military vehicle in which soldiers were traveling when they came under fire in the refugee camp.

According to Palestinian sources, the arrests were made on February 20.

Bar’al, 23, was said to be a security guard with the Red Crescent. Also being held is Manzer Abbas, an officer in the Palestinian intelligence forces who is responsible for security in the Red Crescent. Abbas is accused of illegally dealing in weapons.

The investigation revealed that Abu Rwayyis and Bar’al attacked the IDF troops using AK-47 rifles supplied to them by Abbas. Following the attack, the assailants left the rifles in a bag at an abandoned house, planning to move them to a new location the following day.

News sources report that the detainees admitted to carrying out the January 20 attack, and to planning additional attacks which were thwarted by their arrest.