An estimated 3,000 Tnuva milk cartons were exposed to a cleaning agent and are being recalled, the dairy company announced Wednesday.

The recall applies only to homogeneous 3% milk in 1 liter blue and white cartons, labeled as being under the kosher supervision of a Rabbi Viteman. The expiration date for the milk in question is labeled as 22/8/2012, with the letter bet (ב) printed to the side of the date.

The recalled milk was distributed to the center of the country, from Binyamina in the north to Rishon Lezion in the south, and Lod marking the eastern most point of distribution.

The country’s largest dairy company issued an apology to its customers and pledged to remove the dangerous products from the shelves as soon as possible, while stressing that the contamination only affected thousands out of millions of products marketed daily.

The company’s customer service hotline is fielding calls from concerned consumers.