A heavy winter storm struck Israel on Friday and Saturday, blanketing mountainous regions of the country in snow and closing roads in the Golan. Heavy rainfall was reported throughout the North and the center of the country, swelling rivers and streams.

The Sea of Galilee was up 16 centimeters, bringing the level to 33 centimeters above the lowest “red line.” Despite the heavy rainfall this winter, and a 94-centimeter increase over the same date last year, the Sea of Galilee is still almost 4 meters below what is considered full.

Flooding was reported in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea areas, and schools were closed throughout the region. Water Authority spokesman Uri Shoras said it was “the strongest flows of the year,” according to a Ynet News report. The heavy rain continued on Sunday.

In Jerusalem, the main thrust of the storm caused heavy winds and hail on Saturday morning, but no lasting snow, to the disappointment of many residents. The last reported snowfall in Jerusalem was in 2008.