A KISS for the homeland
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A KISS for the homeland

Legendary rock band, fronted by Haifa-born Gene Simmons, to finally perform in Israel

Gene Simmons performing with KISS in 2010. (CC BY/Wikipedia)
Gene Simmons performing with KISS in 2010. (CC BY/Wikipedia)

Hard-rock band KISS are to perform in Israel as part of the next leg of their world tour, frontman Gene Simmons said this week in a Facebook post.

Simmons, who plays bass and sings lead vocals in the legendary band, was born Chaim Witz in Haifa and emigrated to New York City with his mother, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary, at the age of eight. His father, who subsequently remarried, stayed in Israel.

In his short post on Facebook announcing the band’s upcoming travel to multiple countries and regions, Simmons made a point of capitalizing “Israel.”

KISS, formed in New York in 1973, became one of the biggest rock acts of the 1970s through their combination of straight-up power rock, outlandish face paint and spectacular live performances featuring pyrotechnics, aerial work and simulated gore.

The group has sold over 100 millions albums and has acquired 28 gold records.

In recent years, Simmons has become outspoken in his right-leaning political views and in his support for Israel. He has dismissed artists who have acquiesced to pressure by pro-Palestinian activists to cancel shows in the Jewish state.

No date was given for the performance, nor was it confirmed that tour-mates Def Leppard, also one of the biggest rock groups of the 70s and 80s, will be joining KISS in Israel.

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