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Daniel Ohana, 24: Buried alongside girlfriend

Murdered by Hamas at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Daniel Ohana was killed by Hamas on October 7 at the Supernova rave. (Facebook).
Daniel Ohana was killed by Hamas on October 7 at the Supernova rave. (Facebook).

Daniel Ohana, 24, from Jerusalem, was murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

He attended the festival with his girlfriend, Ortal Bobtas-Benayun, who was also slain, and her sister, Shirel, who was wounded and survived. Shirel’s boyfriend, Aviel Oren, was also part of their group and was murdered at the rave.

The two sisters and Ohana were all in one car trying to escape the festival when they were shot at, and the car spun out and flipped over, according to Shirel’s account of the events posted on Instagram.

Badly hurt, the trio managed to drag themselves out of the car before terrorists came and shot them. Shirel was shot in the leg and managed to flee into nearby bushes, where she was eventually rescued by Israeli security forces. She lost track of the other two, and it was several days before their bodies were found.

Ohana and Bobtas-Benayun were buried side by side in Jerusalem; Ohana on October 13, and Bobtas-Benayun two days later.

Ohana, who worked as a software developer in Israel’s high-tech sector, is survived by his parents, Mazal and Albert, his older sisters Molly, Keren, and Mor, and his younger brother Shaked.

Daniel Ohana (Courtesy)

Mor wrote in an Instagram post that Ohana was “loving, kindhearted, smiling, honest, and loved everyone.”

“He loved life,” she added. “He was the most beautiful boy in the whole world.”

His other sister, Keren Rachmani, wrote that he was “a witty, funny person loved by everyone.”

He was also the first son born to his parents after three daughters.

“When you arrived,” wrote Rachmani, “you had this huge light that was always with you.”

“I close my eyes and remember your voice, your rolling laughter and the tears start to come. You were such an optimistic person, you were so special.”

Shirel Benayun, who lost her sister and her boyfriend at the festival in addition to Ohana, posted on Instagram in his memory, thanking him for his impact on her life.

“You made my sister happy; you didn’t need much, just nature and each other,” she recalled.

“Daniel has the purest, most beautiful smile. Your laugh was that of an angel.

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