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Command Sgt. Maj. Adir Shlomo, 47: ‘Soul’ of the Sderot police station

Killed battling Hamas at the Sderot police station on October 7

Sgt. Maj. Adir Shlomo (Courtesy).
Sgt. Maj. Adir Shlomo (Courtesy).

Command Sgt. Maj. Adir Shlomo, 47, from Sderot, was killed defending the Sderot police station from Hamas terrorists on October 7.

Shlomo was the head of logistics at the Sderot police station, and on October 7, he was the first to arrive on the scene.

“He said, ‘Look at my phone, there are so many messages. I think I’m the last one to go,'” his wife Chani told the Times of Israel, recounting the events of the morning.

“He was the first to [arrive] and the first to be killed.”

Their house was right next to the police station, she explained. Within two minutes of leaving, he was murdered.

He was buried on October 11 in the Sderot cemetery.

Shlomo is survived by his parents, Zahava and Nisim; his siblings Eldad, Ruti, Nora, Avraham, and Rachaim; his wife, Chani, and his four children, Linoy, Liav, Lidor, and Liron.

He was described by Chani as a humble, happy person.

“You would never see him angry,” she said. “There is nothing he wouldn’t do to help people. He had such a heart — he wouldn’t say no to anyone.”

Shlomo was also an exemplary husband and father who valued his family above everything.

“Nothing else mattered to him,” Chani said. “Except work, which he gave his soul to until the very last moment.”

His commander mourned the loss of his “right hand” after Shlomo’s death. Chani said that he was “the soul of the station.”

“I am always thinking about what I can remember from what you taught me,” his daughter Linoy wrote on his memorial website. “Watch over us from above, help us stay strong and help us keep smiling.”

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