Anti-Semitic post says Jews taking over Indiana University campus

On fraternities website, complaint about ‘hairy stink rude obnoxious jews’ draws some agreement from fellow students; school officials condemn post

Maxwell Hall on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. (Wikipedia/Nyttend/public domain)
Maxwell Hall on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. (Wikipedia/Nyttend/public domain)

An online post said a “bunch of hairy stink rude obnoxious jews” (sic) are overtaking the Indiana University campus.

The existence of the anonymous post was first reported on Friday by the alternative student publication The Tab on its Instagram account.

The August 29 post had appeared on the Greekrank website about fraternities and sororities on campus. It has been deleted, but screenshots have circulated.

University officials denounced the post in a statement Tuesday, The Indiana Daily Student reported.

“The language used by these anonymous posters is hurtful and offensive,” the statement said. It also said that “Hoosiers are better than this.”

The post said: “OMG so first of all I don’t want to sound racist or anything.. but like wtf why are there so many jews here at IU now wat happened?” the post said. “where being takin over by a bunch of hairy stink rude obnoxious jews… the girls acts so damn exclusive and if ur not jewish u can’t hang out with them or even talk to them.. they give us looks like were below them and not worthy of talking too…this must end or this school is gonna go to ****!”

Some responses on the site agreed, including “UR not wrong but you can’t do anything about it” and “Don’t really have a problem with the guys or girls, just the JAPS,” and “seriously there everywhere.”

The editor of The Tab said on Instagram that “to hear that anti-Semitism is alive and well as a Jew on campus makes me mad. We are better than this. Now show it.”

University officials also met with students Friday at Hillel, the Indiana Daily Student reported, citing Hillel director Rabbi Sue Silberberg, who has worked at the university for 29 years.

“They’re very upset and take it very, very seriously, and that’s been very comforting for the students,” Silberberg said of the university officials.

There are about 4,000 Jewish undergraduates on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus, making up 11 percent of the undergraduate student population, according to the Hillel Guide to Colleges.

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