Unlikely duet

Aviv Geffen and Avraham Fried sing about societal ‘drought’

Rocker and Haredi entertainer join forces in midst of pandemic

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

Rock star Aviv Geffen and Haredi singer Avraham Fried are an unlikely pair for a duet, but the two vocalists recently recorded Geffen’s song “Drought,” together, in an alliance wrought by the pandemic.

The song speaks of the distance between Israelis amid the coronavirus, political uncertainty and social chasms.

Even if you are terribly worried
Do not lose hope and believe in love
There is no peace and no calm
You too are scared and bitter
I’m your brother do not forget
Even if you are a little distant from me

Geffen wrote about the song on the Mako website, remarking that the coronavirus has created unexpected cooperative efforts in the arts.

“If you would have ever asked Avraham or me about cooperating for a duet, we would have stared in silence or been in shock,” wrote Geffen. “How can you find a connection between a believer and an atheist?”

Geffen, 47, has been writing and singing rock anthems for most of his life, while Fried, 61, who lives in the US, has been entertaining the Orthodox Jewish world for the last 30 years.

“With the coronavirus, we both learned that we’re at the ends of the same rope,” wrote Geffen. “This song comes to give an opening to hope and unity, to find a place where we can meet.”

The song was recorded after several fascinating conversations, said Geffen, about how their individual communities are suffering and in pain, with deep rifts between them.

“There were raised eyebrows and cynical comments about the connection between us,” added Geffen, “but we just felt that it was important to do this together.”

Like the scientists who created the COVID-19 vaccine, Geffen and Fried “are scientists of a spiritual vaccination,” wrote Geffen.

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