GE Israel team plays key role in new CT scanner

System with 82% less radiation, 50% less noise – but the same image quality – is deployed in first Israeli hospital

GE Healthcare Revolution CT Scanner (Courtesy)
GE Healthcare Revolution CT Scanner (Courtesy)

A new technology that makes CT scans easier and faster and reduces radiation doses by up to 82 percent has finally arrived at an Israeli hospital.

This new scan, called Revolution CT, created by GE Healthcare and its engineering team based out of Haifa, was installed for the first time in Israel at Sheba Medical Center, near Tel Aviv.

A CT (Computed Tomography) scan is a non-invasive way to check organs, soft tissues, vascular structures and bones using X-rays that create high-resolution images, allowing physicians to look inside the human body. A rotating X-ray source scans the patient’s body as it is moved through the instrument.

Revolution CT, which is equipped with GE’s next generation of low-dose technology, reduces radiation by up to 82 percent but allows the same image quality. The scanner is 50 percent quieter than previous generation CTs, and the device is more spacious for patients. The wide coverage of the scanner allows healthcare providers to scan full organs such as brains, hearts, livers and pancreas in less than a second, reducing the time patients need to hold their breath, GE said in an emailed statement.

Due to its speed, patients may not be required to take medication to slow their heart rate for a diagnostic cardiac exam. Also, the pace of this new technology will allow gathering information about function as well as anatomy in a single exam.

Israeli GE Healthcare engineering team played a key role in the development of Revolution CT. The team created the device and developed the software that collects the data generated during a CT scan and converts it into a clinical image that the physician can read.

CT Revolution has already been already commercialized all around the world, but this is the first time that the machine will be used in Israel.

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