IDF lookout describes how she spotted infiltrators in attack denied by Hezbollah

IDF lookout describes how she spotted infiltrators in attack denied by Hezbollah

Soldier posts message on Instagram relating her pride over preventing alleged incident; hometown mayor tells her she is the ‘darling of the city’

Screen capture from video of IDF lookouts monitoring security systems. (Channel 12 news)
Illustrative: Screen capture from video of IDF lookouts monitoring security systems. (Channel 12 news)

An Israel Defense Forces soldier who spotted a group of Hezbollah terrorists making their way across the border from Lebanon to carry out an attack that was later denied by the terror group, and then helped direct forces who chased the alleged attackers away, has described how proud she was of her role in the incident.

The soldier, a private serving in a lookout unit on the border who can only be identified in media by the Hebrew initial of her first name, “Samech,” uploaded a post to her Instagram account about the incident, Channel 13 news reported Tuesday.

“Who would have believed that I would thwart an incident like that,” Samech wrote. “The sense of pride and satisfaction is simply crazy. Protecting you from a distance — even if you don’t know it.”

The Hezbollah group apparently attempted to cross the border on Monday afternoon but were noticed by Samech, who raised the alert.

Her mother told the station that when her daughter sent a message that she was the lookout who stopped the infiltration, the family didn’t believe it.

“I thought she was playing a joke on us,” she said. “I asked her if she was telling the truth and she said ‘yes, it was me.'”

Screen capture from video of Haim Zuri, the mayor of Kiryat Motzkin, speaking by phone with an IDF soldier, a resident of the city, who helped stop a border attack from Lebanon.

Haim Zuri, mayor of Kiryat Motzkin, the town where Samech lives, called her on Tuesday morning to tell her she has become “the darling of the city.”

When Zuri noted that she must have been on alert at the time, Samech responded: “In my job you have to be alert all the time.”

The IDF said Monday it had thwarted an attempt by Hezbollah to send a team of fighters into the Israeli-controlled territory of Mount Dov, also known as Shebaa Farms, to carry out an attack. According to the military, the Hezbollah cell made it a few meters across the border before IDF troops opened fire at the operatives — apparently not hitting them, but driving them back into Lebanon.

Hezbollah officially denied that an attack had taken place, but did not explicitly dispute that its members had crossed into the Israeli-controlled enclave.

Israeli defense officials scoffed at the terror group’s denial, saying the infiltration attempt had been filmed by military security cameras and that the operatives who took part in it were armed. The IDF on Monday said it was considering releasing the footage from the incident, but as of Wednesday had yet to do so.

Israeli officials were expecting an attack on Israeli troops by the Lebanese terror group within the next 48 hours, before the start of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha on Thursday night, Channel 12 reported Tuesday.

Over the past week, Hezbollah has threatened some form of retaliation for the death of one of its fighters last week in Syria in an airstrike that it attributed to Israel, but which the Jewish state has not officially acknowledged conducting.

Though the IDF on Tuesday did not confirm that it expected an attack in the coming two days, it indicated that it was bracing for fresh violence on the border, saying it was sending additional “advanced” firepower in the form of precision-guided surface-to-surface missiles, additional combat intelligence units and special forces to the area.

Israeli army forces seen stationed near the border between Israel and Lebanon in the Golan Heights on July 27, 2020. (David Cohen/Flash90)

A number of suspects were spotted by the military near the security fence along the Israeli-Lebanese border in the western Galilee on Tuesday night, but after a brief search of the area it was determined that no infiltration had occurred, the army said.

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