Jewish group says EU ‘legtimized terror’

Jewish group says EU ‘legtimized terror’

European leaders accuse organization of singling out Israel for criticism while ignoring Hamas

JTA — A European Jewish group has accused the European Union of “legitimizing terrorism” by singling Israel out for criticism.

The accusation came in an open letter by the chairmen of the Brussels-based European Jewish Parliament sent on Wednesday to the presidents of the European Council and other EU institutions. The letter was in response to the EU’s condemnation on Dec. 11 of Israeli policies vis-à-vis the Palestinian Authority.

“We regret the one-sided statement which does not serve peace initiatives, but only strengthens the ambitions of terrorist organizations,” the letter by Joel Rubinfeld and Vadim Rabinovitch read. The EU statement “provides legitimization for terrorist acts” by “condemning the actions of the only real democracy in the Middle East.”

The letter noted Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal’s recent calls for Israel’s destruction.

The EU’s condemnation urged Israel not to freeze the Palestinian Authority’s funds; to cancel planned construction in the West Bank, and called on the Palestinians to “use constructively” their newly gained non-member state observer status at the United Nations.

On Dec. 11, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman also harshly criticized some of his European counterparts, accusing them of intentionally ignoring calls for Israel’s destruction.

“In the eyes of some European foreign ministers, the destruction of Israel is a given,” he said. He then mentioned Europe’s failure to address the threat against Jews prior to the Holocaust.

“The Europeans decided to pressure our side alone and ignore the terror organizations on the Palestinian side,” he added.

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