Keshet drama ‘When Heroes Fly’ to be remade for Apple TV
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Keshet drama ‘When Heroes Fly’ to be remade for Apple TV

The 10-part series, ‘Echo 3,’ will revolve around the search for a young American scientist along the Colombian border

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

Keshet’s action thriller TV show “When Heroes Fly,” about four Israeli military veterans who reunite for a rescue mission, is being remade for Apple TV, where it is being renamed “Echo 3.”

The 2018 show, which was screened on Netflix, was created by Omri Givon. It was inspired by a novel of the same name from author Amir Gutfreund, and will be remade as a 10-episode drama written by screenwriter Mark Boal.

In the new version, a brilliant young American scientist goes missing along the Colombia-Venezuela border, and her brother and husband — both military men with complicated histories — set out too to find her.

Former journalist Boal earned Oscars for best picture and screenplay for “The Hurt Locker,” and nominations for “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Apple and Keshet Studios will co-produce the series. The two companies are also teaming on “Suspicion,” a drama starring Uma Thurman, based on the award-winning Israeli series “False Flag” (in Hebrew “Kfulim”).

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