Biden: Hamas is using innocents as human shields

Speaking at a gala dinner for the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, US President Joe Biden accuses the Hamas terror group of using Palestinian civilians to shield themselves from Israeli retaliation.

“The humanitarian crisis in Gaza, innocent Palestinian families, and the vast majority have nothing to do with Hamas,” he says. “They’re being used as human shields.”

Biden notes that Saturday’s massacre was the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust.

The president says he spoke for an hour the day before with family members of unaccounted-for Americans on Zoom and connects it to his own experiences of losing his first wife and daughter in a car crash in 1972.

“They’ve endured an agony not knowing what’s happening. It’s not the same thing, but I can tell you what it’s like. It’s one thing to lose somebody you know you’re going to lose … like I was able to do with my son,” he says. It’s a very other thing to get a phone call, like I got years ago, saying ‘there’s been an accident, your wife and daughter are dead, I’m not sure your boys are gonna make it.’ The uncertainty of those two or three hours, trying to get back to find out, it’s the worst feeling in the world, it’s gut-wrenching.”

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