Cabinet set to approve Memorial Day, Independence Day closure

The cabinet will convene today to vote on a plan to close the nation’s military cemeteries during next week’s Memorial Day in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

In its announcement on Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s Office said the government is also planning to impose a nationwide lockdown the following day, on Israel’s Independence Day, in order to prevent large celebrations and gatherings.

The Prime Minister’s Office has said intercity travel would be prohibited on Memorial Day, with the exception of people going to work and shopping in permitted stores.

A lockdown planned for Independence Day would be similar to ones imposed on the first and last days of the week-long Passover holiday, when Israelis were prohibited from leaving their towns and stores were forced to shut down.

Ministers will also debate the possibility of nightly closures of Arab towns and cities during the upcoming month-long Ramadan holiday, which traditionally sees families gather for post-fast festive meals after sundown.