Hamas denies UN report on sexual violence as ‘false claims’

Hamas denies a UN report finding Palestinian terrorists committed “sexual violence” during their attack on Israel on October 7, saying it is based on “false claims.”

The report by the UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict, Pramila Patten, “did not document any testimony from what she calls the victims of these cases,” Hamas says in a statement.

“She relied on Israeli institutions, soldiers and witnesses, who were chosen by the occupation authorities to push towards an attempt to prove this false accusation, which was refuted by all investigations,” the terror group claims.

The report, released on Monday, said it had found “reasonable grounds to believe that conflict-related sexual violence occurred” on October 7.

The assaults took place in at least three separate locations, and “in most of these incidents, victims first subjected to rape were then killed, and at least two incidents relate to the rape of women’s corpses,” the report said.

Despite extensive documentation of its atrocities, Hamas has consistently refused to admit harming civilians on October 7, claiming its assault on southern Israeli communities, in which some 1,200 people were brutally murdered, many of them families in their homes or young people at a music festival, only targeted soldiers.

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