High Court throws out petition urging it to force Netanyahu to recuse himself

Jeremy Sharon is The Times of Israel’s legal affairs and settlements reporter

The High Court of Justice rejects outright a petition requesting that it order Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to immediately recuse himself, saying that not all legal avenues have been exhausted to justify a petition to the court.

The Israel Democracy Watch organization petitioned the High Court yesterday, asking for a court order against Netanyahu, following the prime minister’s announcement that he has started to directly engage with the judicial overhaul legislation his government has advanced.

The petition notes that the court has said Netanyahu is bound by a conflict of interest agreement barring him from dealing with the radical reform package due to his criminal corruption trials.

The court scolds Israel Democracy Watch for failing to turn either to Netanyahu himself or to the attorney general, and instead requesting the court order on the next working day after the premier’s announcement.

The High Court therefore dismisses the petition outright and does not even request responses from Netanyahu or the attorney general.

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