In shift, IDF to station security equipment in illegal outposts

The Israel Defense Forces will station mobile security units in unauthorized outposts, seemingly granting the wildcat outposts a degree of unofficial state recognition, according to Hebrew media reports.

The units, apparently unmanned, will include early detection and warning systems, lighting equipment and fire-fighting apparatuses.

The units are being supplied to all West Bank settlements as part of an effort to bolster security amid an intensified period of tensions.

In the past, the IDF protected such outposts, but would rarely station equipment or soldiers in them.

The army says in a statement carried by Hebrew media that the units are being deployed after a year-long survey, calling it a “wide-ranging shift from policies in place for years.”

“The IDF’s role is to protect any place where Israeli citizens are located,” Central Command officer Elitzur Trabelsi is quoted saying in Haaretz.

Ynet reports that the units are slated to be deployed in the coming days.

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