Netanyahu blasts anti-Israel protesters as ‘misguided,’ says they’re backing ‘sheer evil’

Carrie Keller-Lynn is a former political and legal correspondent for The Times of Israel

Against the backdrop of mass protests against Israel and calls on Jerusalem to accept a ceasefire with Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says many of the protesters are “misguided” and supporting “sheer evil.”

“Those who protest for Hamas — you’re protesting for sheer evil,” Netanyahu tells NBC News, claiming that some demonstrators are “misguided people who do not know the facts.”

Pro-Palestinian protests and threats against Jewish students have also become more prominent on American campuses, and Netanyahu says the embrace of Hamas’s narrative is “an indictment of higher education.”

Hamas, Netanyahu says, “are people who deliberately targeted civilians, who raped and murdered women. Who beheaded men. Who burnt babies alive. Who kidnapped little babies and Holocaust survivors. These are the people you are supporting.”

Directing his comments towards anti-Israel protests, he says: “Who do you protest against? Do you protest against the Nazis? Or… against the Allies?”

The premier says that Israel must win its current war with Hamas, echoing previous comments about the need to bring back security for border region residents.

“There’s no life for us, there’s no future for us” if we don’t win, he says.

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