Parties seize on low turnout in bid to scare up more votes

Some parties are beginning to broadcast panic in a bid to drive supporters to voting booths, sending out messages claiming that turnout is low in areas where they enjoy the widest support.

Religious Zionism head Bezalel Smotrich sends out a message blaming over-eager Passover cleaners for the poor turnout.

“We’re seeing low turnout in our areas, apparently because of Passover cleaning. Cleaning is important, but go vote,” he chides in a video.

“Friends, this is no joke,” laments Labor head Merav Michaeli. “Turnout numbers are low. We won’t be able to effect change this way. It’s in out hands. Go vote [Labor].”

Likud tweets out a message claiming that Tel Aviv and suburbs are seeing high turnout.

“And what’s happening in  Likud strongholds? Ashkelon, Beersheba, Ashdod, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Kiryat Shmona — why is turnout low? Go vote [Likud] now or you’ll get [Yair] Lapid, a rotation and another election. Two more seats to [Likud] and we win,” the party says.