PM: There was no advance warning from Egypt; don’t fall for fake news

Lazar Berman is The Times of Israel's diplomatic reporter

Wrapping up his statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denies that there was any advance warning of Hamas’s massive attack from Egyptian intelligence, as reported earlier. He urges Israelis to be wary of fake news and not to “fall into these propaganda traps.”

“I know we all want results here and now. It will take time,” he says, but when the war is over, “all of Israel’s enemies will know that it was a terrible mistake to attack Israel.” What Israel will have done to them, he says, will resonate with them “for generations.”

He also notes the appointment of Gal Hirsch as the point person for families of the missing and of the hostages held in Gaza.

“We have lost entire families, sons and daughters, youngsters and elderly people, soldiers, police officers and security officers, Jews and non-Jews,” he says.

“We all share the same destiny… Together, we’ll prevail and together we will win. Only together.”

“Difficult days are still ahead of us,” he concludes. “But we are determined to win this war, to bring life, blessing and light to our people and our state.”

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