PMO publishes key points of Lebanon deal

The Prime Minister’s Office publishes what it says are the key points of the new maritime border deal with Lebanon.

Israel’s current buoy-marked border line will be recognized as the status quo, with no changes without agreement from both sides. At the end of the buoys, the border will go along so-called Line 23 (see image).

Map showing Israel-Lebanon maritime border claims (AFP News Agency)

Israel will receive monetary compensation for a certain percentage of revenue from the Qana gas field that will be held by Lebanon, which will be decided in negotiations with drilling company TotalEnergies.

Israel will receive a letter of guarantee from the US stressing Washington’s commitment to Israel’s security and economic rights in case Hezbollah or another party fails to respect the deal.

The PMO says the deal will contribute to border stability and will reduce Lebanon’s dependence on Iranian funds.

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