Possible impact reported in Eilat as explosion heard, smoke seen

Explosions have reportedly echoed through Eilat shortly after a pair of drone alert sirens went off in the city.

A loud roar can be heard in a video shared online by Israel Hayom. A second video shows several ambulances near a naval base in the Red Sea resort city.

Other videos and pictures published on social media appear to show smoke rising behind buildings in the city from an apparent impact of either a drone or shrapnel following an interception.

There is no immediate comment from the Israel Defense Forces.

A statement published on Telegram by Lebanese terror group Hezbollah shortly after the attack from the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a consortium of Shiite terror groups supported by Tehran, claims an attack on “a vital target in [Israel].”

In November, a drone launched from Syria managed to hit a school in Eilat, which has been targeted several times by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

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