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Liraz Assulin, 38: Respected accountant who was ‘the perfect aunt’

Murdered by Hamas at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Liraz Assulin (Courtesy)
Liraz Assulin (Courtesy)

Liraz Assulin, 38, from Kiryat Malachi, was murdered by Hamas terrorists while trying to flee the Supernova music festival on October 7.

Early that morning, Liraz sent a message to her family WhatsApp group, writing “my family, I love you guys, they’re shooting at me.” Liraz was considered missing for several days, then her family was told she was likely held hostage in Gaza — after photos emerged of her belongings discovered there — before being informed that she had been killed and her body identified.

She was buried on October 18 in Kiryat Malachi. She is survived by her parents, Rivka and Meir, and her siblings Yossi, Mazi, Liz, Or and Tamir.

Liz, an accountant, worked for the Neto financial planning company and also served as a board member at the Tamar water company, which serves the cities of Ramle, Gedera and Kiryat Malachi. At a memorial unveiling a plaque at the water company, the director, Yossi Ben Hemo, said that “Liraz operated with wisdom, care and great loyalty to the Tamar water company. If she came across a problem that was bothering her, she would call me even late at night, and we would solve the issue together.”

She was remembered as well for her culinary abilities, particularly in preparing traditional Moroccan desserts, as well as her close relationship to her family and her many nieces and nephews.

Her sister, Liz, told Ynet that “we want to tell her story. She deserves that everyone should know how good and special she was.”

“She had so many aspirations, motivation to succeed, to develop her career,” her siblings told the news site. “This year everything was supposed to open up for her, and it was all cut short… she loved her nieces and nephews and spent time with them, was their math teacher. She was all heart, everyone who knew her could say where she sat in their heart. People felt that part of their hearts left with her.”

Her brother, Yossi, told Ynet that “if I keep talking about her, it will always sound like a cliche. But in my experience, a cliche is a truth that is repeated many times.” Liraz “deserves for her story to be heard.”

Her sister, Mazi Assulin told the Kan public broadcaster that Liraz was “the backbone of the family, she was an incredible daughter, a wonderful sister, a perfect aunt, she was always there to help, to support, to advise — she was always smiling, loving, modest, humble.”

Mazi said that “Liraz is so missed by us… she loved to party, to live life in every moment, she loved music, friends, concerts… she was at the peak of her life, at a stage when doors were opening, she was so happy and joyful, and it was felt so much,” she said.

“Lirazi, we love you endlessly, we miss you with every breath we take, you are with us in every activity we do and every thought.”

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