Love at second sight
How I met my bashert

Love at second sight

For tech guru Hillel Fuld, it was a good thing he went to the source

Hillel and Racheli cheek to cheek (photo credit: courtesy)
Hillel and Racheli cheek to cheek (photo credit: courtesy)

I was a counselor at Camp Hasc in 2001, and a friend told me that summer, “I have a friend in Israel named Racheli who I want to set you up with.”

Now, I was not the type to be set up, as I was always in mixed company and figured, “I can take care of myself on that front.” But still, I said yes, and later that year, while attending a birthday party in Jerusalem, my friend pointed at a beautiful woman and said to me, “Ok, that’s the girl I told you about.”

My initial reaction was, “Um, she’s gorgeous! What are you waiting for?”

Well, the friend asked Racheli about me, and for some odd reason, she said yes too. So that was that.

Or at least it should have been.

Except the friend decided, I still don’t know why, that It was not a good idea. And at the time, when nothing came of it, I thought my friend was protecting me — that Racheli had said she wasn’t interested in me.

Well, I was wrong.

Fast forward a year and I was eating Shabbat dinner at Bar-Ilan University with a group of people. Including Racheli.

Being the straightforward guy that I am, I approached her and said something along the lines of “So why did you say no?”

Her response? “Me? Why did you say no?”

We began hanging out and we started dating soon after. We still have a good laugh at this story, 10 years and five kids later.

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Hillel is a tech blogger who contributes to sites such as The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mashable, and Gigaom.  Hillel is also Head of Marketing at inneractive where he writes daily posts covering new developments in the mobile industry. You can also read his personal thoughts on TechNmarketing.

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