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Don’t give up on your passion – Instagram star Jen Blanco

Courtesy of Jen Blanco
Courtesy of Jen Blanco

While everyone has dreams and passions, few people actually put in the work to make their dreams a reality. According to Instagram star Jen Blanco, there is a fine line between dreamers who never really achieve anything, and those who have found the courage to follow their dreams, and have found success as a result. Jen has only been active on her Instagram account for four months, but she has already accumulated more than 400,000 followers. She admits that TikTok has been the source of the majority of her growth, owing to the fact that many of her videos have gone viral.

However, Jen also points out that it was her perseverance and refusal to give up on her dreams that allowed her to make the leap of faith and quit her minimum wage job to pursue Instagram modeling. Had she not found that courage, Jen may never have found her success: gaining a six-figure income through Instagram modeling.

Modeling is an industry that is often defined by thrill, glamor, and fame, and it is a common dream of young girls all over the world. Jen herself admits that becoming a model has been her dream ever since she was a teenager. Her inspiration? Vogue magazine.
“I always loved Vogue magazine because the covers are always so iconic and beautiful,” Jen says. “Ever since I was a teen, I admired the magazine’s creativity and influence in the fashion and beauty world. I admired the models, their timeless beauty, and dreamed of becoming just like them one day.”

Still, Jen Blanco admits that she didn’t find the courage to chase that dream until recently when her best friend inspired her: “My best friend always told me what a great tool social media was to monetize and grow, but I always had my doubts,” she says. “When the pandemic occurred in March 2020, Covid-19 [brought] the world to a halt, and I decided to give Instagram a try. Ever since then, I have learned so many new ways to grow my accounts.”
She adds that through her modeling career, she’s made some discoveries about her self-confidence. “[The modeling world] has helped me believe in myself and [has given] me so much confidence!”

Jen Blanco doesn’t intend to slow down any time soon, as she continues to attract thousands of fans on a daily basis. For all aspiring influencers and dreamers out there, she has a message: “I believe that if you have a vision or [a] passion for something, you shouldn’t give up, and you should keep going. You will figure it out and be successful.”


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