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Hebrew courses at the University of Haifa fall semester

Fall 2020: October 20, 2020–January 14, 2021. Learn at an academic-level Ulpan with online and on-campus options

University of Haifa is situated atop Mount Carmel, overlooking Haifa Bay (Photo: Courtesy)
University of Haifa is situated atop Mount Carmel, overlooking Haifa Bay (Photo: Courtesy)

Situated on the crest of the Carmel Mountains with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, and nestled beside the Carmel National Forest, the University of Haifa provides an ideal setting for your learning experience.

The Hebrew Language Semester Program, also known as the Semester Ulpan, is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in a language acquisition experience that is personally enriching as well as academically demanding. Instruction is offered at all levels, from beginners with no knowledge of the language to advanced classes. Depending on your level, the course will take place either online or on our campus. The program focuses on strengthening all four major skills: writing, reading, speaking and comprehension. 

Students who only want to enroll in the Semester Ulpan of the International School are considered part-time students. During the academic semesters (September–January and February–June) Hebrew classes meet on campus four days per week, Mondays through Thursdays, for two hours each morning. This program is open to students of the International School, tourists, new and “old” immigrants… in other words, anyone who wants to improve their Hebrew skills.

At the beginning of the semester, students will take a written and oral placement exam. This exam will be used to place students in the most appropriate class for their level of efficiency. The Ulpan classes are relatively small and each student is given a great deal of personal attention and an opportunity to interact with both fellow students and the teacher. In addition to traditional learning through textbooks, classes will also involve computer and video sessions, work in the language laboratory, and student presentations.

This semester, the Beginners 2 and Lower Intermediate 1 Hebrew courses will be offered online instead of on campus. These classes will be held Monday and Thursday during the afternoon, 4 p.m.-7:15 p.m. (Israel time). The dates of the semester will be the same as those on campus: October 20, 2020–January 14, 2021. In addition, just like in the on-campus courses, there will be mid-term and final examinations. The Hebrew Course session awards six academic credits for 100 hours of classwork.

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