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Investing in AI: Meet the CEOs creating tomorrow’s technology

OurCrowd hosts rare encounter with Israeli startups working to develop the cutting edge of artificial intelligence

The race for game-changing artificial intelligence (AI) technology is well underway, making it the world’s fastest-growing venture investment sector. The impact of AI on our lives looks set to be comparable to the introduction of personal computing and the commercialization of the internet.

The rush of interest in ChatGPT and similar generative AI platforms has triggered a global wave of funding for the new technology.

On Thursday, September 28, OurCrowd, the Jerusalem-based investing platform, will host ‘Investing in AI: Meet the CEOs Creating Tomorrow’s Tech,’ an online event where participants will have a rare opportunity to meet four Israeli technology experts who are leading figures in global AI innovation.Register for the online eventAmit Ben, the CEO of One AI; Orr Danon, the CEO of Hailo; Moshe Tanach, the Founder and CEO of NeuReality; and Aleksandr Tomofeev, CEO and Co-founder of PolyN Technology, will discuss the groundbreaking technology they are developing with Allie Feuerstein, Director of International New Business at OurCrowd.

The AI and machine learning market reached $197.5B in end user spend in 2022 according to Pitchbook. Generative AI will become a $1.3 trillion market by 2032, rising at a compound annual growth rate of 42%, says Bloomberg Intelligence.

“OurCrowd startups are leading the way to incorporate AI into an array of industries aiming to significantly increase efficiency, speed up workloads, and reduce the cost of deployment,” Feuerstein says. “This is an opportunity to meet the CEOs of four companies poised to change entire business sectors with technology designed to power the new AI infrastructure. Together, we will discuss the challenges and huge potential of AI for investors.”

OurCrowd recently launched a $50 million AI Fund that will enable investors to participate in a broad range of AI startup deals.

“There is simply no area of technology or business that is more important today than artificial intelligence,” says Jon Medved, CEO and Founder of OurCrowd.

“It’s transforming the way we do everything,” Medved says. “Whether it’s how we’re entertained, how we learn, how we socialize, how we even grow our food, or manage our finances, or secure our data, AI is changing it all.”

To register for the online event on Thursday, Sept. 28, click HERE:Register for the online event

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