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IVRIA brings Israel closer to you

A new online store offers quality designer items, made in Israel

IVRIA Designer products from Israel (photo: Courtesy)
IVRIA Designer products from Israel (photo: Courtesy)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could shop for quality items made in Israel, and have them swiftly delivered anywhere in the world? Well, now you can! A new online store called IVRIA offers fashion jewelry, designer accessories and authentic Judaica, all designed and manufactured in Israel. The store’s simple and friendly interface makes shopping easier than ever, and with the help of a courier service, the products are delivered all the way to your doorstep, bringing Israel closer to you.

This initiative first began when Israeli designer Oren Elbaz teamed up with businessman Ilan Lusky. “We have noticed that there is an increasing number of talented Israeli designers, who create amazing products, but don’t have the proper marketing skills in order to realize their full potential”, says Oren. “We decided to join my knowledge in online marketing with Ilan’s business experience, in order to help them reach the international market”.

“We both have relatives who live abroad”, adds Ilan, “and so we know what a huge demand there is among Jewish communities for genuine gifts from Israel, especially around the holidays. People are looking for items that are not only fashionable, but also carry an emotional value. We believe that by supplying this need, we are also helping to strengthen the connection these communities have with Israel”.

IVRIA has a very distinct sense of style, which is apparent the moment you enter the website. “The modern day Jewish woman is sophisticated and up to date, and we wanted our brand to reflect that”, says Oren. “We have carefully picked items which are fresh, elegant, fashionable and at the same time very Israeli, reminiscent of the local climate and landscapes. Take for instance Tamar Branitzky’s chiffon scarves, with their rich and colorful patterns, or Anni S.Terre’s beautiful leather handbags, which are inspired by the urban views of Tel Aviv. These are two examples of designers who represent the essence of contemporary Israeli style, and yet could easily be featured in any upscale department store in the world”.

“We are constantly expanding our collection”, reveals Ilan. “Right now we are about to launch a unique line of sterling silver jewelry, set with Roman glass. This is real ancient glass, which had been laid buried in the ground for millennia and discovered during archaeological excavations. It originally had a lively aqua color, but the exposure to the minerals in the ground has given it a shimmering and iridescent patina. This jewelry is quite remarkable to see, and anyone who wears it is actually carrying along a piece of Israel’s history.”

“This combination of old and new is a recurring theme in our store”, notices Oren. “Every designer who lives and works in Israel feels connected to this country’s history and cultural heritage. At the same time, we are famous for being “the start up nation”. There is a strong urge to experiment with new materials and techniques, and to be attuned to the international trends. What you eventually get is a wonderful blend of the ancient and the modern. That is what is so special about Israeli design right now, and this is precisely the kind of spirit we would like IVRIA to represent”.

“You know, many Jewish people around the world are actively supporting Israel”, Ilan concludes. “Well, what better way is there than to shop at IVRIA? You get to support talented and creative people, encourage the local industry, and enjoy stylish designer products at the same time”.

IVRIA’s products are shipped using FedEx International Priority® service, with a flat rate of just 29 USD to all destinations in North America and Europe. All products are delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 business days, so that you can even do some last minute shopping before the holidays, and be confident that your gifts will arrive on time. What are you waiting for? Come and visit IVRIA right now!