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Staff Sgt. Eliasaf Ben Porat, 21: Immortalized by his trance tracks

Killed at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Staff Sgt. Elisaf Ben Porat who was killed at the Supernova music festival on October 7, 2023. (Facebook)
Staff Sgt. Elisaf Ben Porat who was killed at the Supernova music festival on October 7, 2023. (Facebook)

Staff Sgt. Eliasaf Ben Porat, 21, a cook in the the 282nd Artillery Regiment’s 411th Battalion from Safed, was killed on October 7 while attending the Supernova music festival while off duty.

He is survived by his parents, Merav and Yehoshua, and his siblings Ortal, Yosef, Netanel, Meital and Eliav. He was buried on October 15 in Safed.

He attended the party with his friend, Gavriel Barel, who was also slain as they both tried to flee the rave and were shot and fatally wounded.

In his youth, Eliasaf played basketball and as a teen he became connected to the trance music scene, eventually releasing two tracks with the stage name ELISO.

On his phone after his death, his family found a note titled “dream big.” In it, he wrote: “There are always moments in which I dream about succeeding in music, sometimes I just imagine myself on the biggest stages there are, playing my music for people — music I worked on for months in my sweet little studio.”

His loved ones have worked to have the tracks he recorded played by trance DJs in his memory, in an attempt to make his dream come true after his death.

Orel Swisa, his close friend, wrote that Eliasaf “was all heart and good, with no ego, you always wanted just to give.”

“I won’t forget the long sessions in the studio with you, we wouldn’t always finish what we started and you always said to me, ‘Orel, no pressure, we have plenty of time.’ Who would believe that I won’t get to see you again? You were a friend, a brother, a partner, and your smile will always stay in my eyes.

His brother, Nati, wrote on Facebook after his death: “My little brother, the jewel in the crown, Eliasaf Ben Porat, I cannot believe that you are no longer with us.”

Nati described Eliasaf as “the heart of the family, so happy and always making others laugh, always with music in the background, and so handsome, a good-looking guy with the biggest heart in the world, who put everyone before himself.”

He said he was “never angry, except maybe in basketball. He took the world by storm and lived in the moment and dreamed big, to stand on the biggest stages and play, and for the world to know your music. I know that you would have achieved it all.”

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