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Summer Learning

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Hebrew-learning experience this summer, IDC Herzliya is the address!

It's not your eyesight, it's your Hebrew. Join a Summer Ulpan!
It's not your eyesight, it's your Hebrew. Join a Summer Ulpan!

Young and old, new immigrants, longtime veterans and tourists, native English, French, Spanish and other assorted language speakers – all come together for six intensive weeks on IDC Herzliya campus for the only Hebrew-teaching program of its kind in Israel. 

Run by the Raphael Recanati International School in conjunction with the Education Ministry, the Immigrant Absorption Ministry and the Student Authority, the Summer Ulpan is open to anyone over the age of 18. The unique environment brings together a melting pot of nationalities, ages and occupations with students divided into six levels. All teachers are qualified and licensed by the Education Ministry and upon completion of the course, kitah dalet (4th level) Ulpan graduates are able to go on to study in Hebrew at Israeli universities and colleges. Last year, more than 120 people completed the Summer Ulpan, a record number.

Julia Gamarski, Brazil, BA Psychology 

Julia Gamarski

“I chose IDC’s Summer Ulpan because as an IDC student I know that everything offered by IDC is amazing! I was not disappointed. The teachers were remarkable, as was the infrastructure and organization of the course. IDC has the most ideal conditions for learning I’ve ever encountered.”



Benjamin Peng, China, Global MBA

“The IDC Summer Ulpan was amazing; I had 12 classmates aged 18-80 and two teachers. It really helped me a lot in grammar and practice. What make it different is that they hire the best-experienced Hebrew teachers, and it is a really well-organized system to train students to learn faster. After the Ulpan, I can start to communicate with local people by using simple words and sentences.”

Benjamin Peng

 Bogdana Parshikova, Russia, BA Psychology 

Bogdana Parshikova

IDC Ulpan was such a great experience. In just 6 weeks I was about to understand Hebrew. Lessons are fast and very informative. The teachers are perfect, the atmosphere is very warm and friendly, and that is why you feel like at home, such a nice atmosphere. The results are magical! If you don’t know which Ulpan to choose – chose Ulpan at the IDC!” 





Lauro Brand and his daughter Patricia, an IDC student

“Having the opportunity to participate at the IDC Summer Ulpan was a very intense and pleasant experience. The combination of great & experienced teachers and IDC’s installations and ambience around is very welcoming & energetic. Sharing this moments with my daughter Patricia, an IDC student, was a real bonus!

Lauro and Patricia Brand

“I would certainly recommend the Summer Ulpan at IDC, to all Olim Chadashim, as an interesting way to learn more about Israel’s education options and its Best private-non-for-profit University!”

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