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Zero and low THC explained

Popular new CBD cannabidiol products with zero / low THC are changing the cannabis market

THC Free Drops
THC Free Drops

When it comes to the production of high-quality CBD cannabidiol products, a few factors can make a huge difference in possible health benefits experienced by consumers. Choosing a CBD product of superior quality is one way of doing just that. As the CEO of said recently: “To retain the feel-good factor of CBD, our priority is to ensure the best quality possible. Since our products are made of CBD isolate derived from plants with superior genetics, cultivated without pesticides and in soil that was not contaminated, we can provide consumers and retailers with CBD products that are non-GMO certified, in whatever potency people may require.”

Low- and zero-THC CBD cannabidiol products:

Now both American and global consumers of CBD can look forward to high quality products that contain either zero or low THC. This is great news since the psychoactive component in cannabis, known as THC, is what causes a “high.” This means, that when consuming products in which THC is reduced to zero, one will easily pass any drug tests – making CBD perfect even for athletes and sport professionals who are regularly tested. There are very few cases where people actually require products that contain THC. 

The main regulatory issue in many parts of the world revolves around THC. Many countries require that zero-THC products are sold; others allow up to 0.3% THC content.

But even if a CBD product contains zero THC, it does not mean it is non-GMO certified, so consumers should consider product certification in addition to THC content. 

Here are some popular products available from or its retail partners and affiliates: 

CBD tinctures are the most popular among Americans:

CBD drops, sold as tinctures, are popular since they are easy to administer orally. Of all the varying strengths, the 2500mg CBD tincture and 5000mg are most preferred. The most potent option is the 5000MG tincture, although variations down to as low as 250mg are available. 

CBD vaping:

Quitting smoking is hard. But with CBD, vaping is an organic solution, making it much easier to quit for the 38 million Americans who still smoke. Considering the popularity of CBD vaping worldwide, it may just be that people are finally embracing it as a more healthy habit.

CBD anti-aging creams:

Want to look younger? You may have heard about anti-aging creams. Now, the production of CBD infused anti-aging cream is considered a groundbreaking addition. The product contains apple stem cells, palmitoyl, Tetrapeptide-7 and Natural Hemp Oil. This has regenerative properties and is clearly a winner in the anti-aging category.

CBD pet food:

Yes, pets can benefit from CBD too. Whether it is a dog with anxiety, epilepsy or even temporary issues such as a fear of travel, CBD dog and cat food is a real hit worldwide – a nice surprise for man’s best friend. 

What CBD cannabidiol products are used for:

The number of people using CBD in America alone is astonishing and growing rapidly. This is because of the wide variety of medical issues it can treat. In the CBD research section of, there is information on illnesses it is used for, whether to manage symptoms, to cure, or to prevent. Relevant academic references are provided, where the findings of independent research are shared. Currently the most prominent illnesses and ailments include epilepsy, chronic pain & inflammation, cancer, anxiety, diabetes, heart conditions, acne, neurological disorders, Alzheimers’ disease, smoking and substance abuse. When we consider how many millions of people suffer from these diseases, it is fair to say that CBD can impact a notable portion of the general population. Nowadays, most doctors and psychologists have a good knowledge of CBD and many recommend it to patients on a case-by-case basis. This doctor in Florida is a well-known advocate of CBD and the product range offered by 


The company is based in Denver, Colorado. It sells CBD globally to retailers and affiliates. It also has a wide product range available directly to the public. It supports ongoing research on CBD cannabidiol. The company managed to scale up its operation substantially since it is backed by a prominent wholesaler of CBD isolate, known as Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP). 


Consumers can be more confident in asking their doctor about the use of CBD cannabidiol. Most people start off with CBD tinctures. The best news is that THC, the component in cannabis that makes you feel “high,” is no longer a problem. This is thanks to new sophisticated production methods, with low- and zero-HC products now available worldwide. 


This is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor before changing medication or starting with any new treatments.