Thousands of Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah, and riots broke out at several flashpoints near and inside East Jerusalem, on Thursday night.

Palestinian sources said two demonstrators were killed at Qalandiya and over 100 were wounded.

Israeli military sources said they came under live fire in the course of the protests, Channel 2 reported Friday.

Police used crowd dispersal munitions including rubber bullets and tear gas as they also came under a hail of rocks and Molotov cocktails thrown by the protesters near the checkpoint, a major passage between Israel and the West Bank.

Two policemen were lightly injured in the disturbances.

Rioting was reported in a number of locations in the eastern part of the city as well, including in Ras al-Amoud and Silwan as well as inside the Old City of Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount.

Several roads in the capital were closed due to the disturbances.

Palestinian sources claimed there were tens of thousands at the various demonstrations, and Israel estimated at least 10,000 — the largest such protests in years. The protests were encouraged by Hamas, Channel 2 reported. The report also said there had been an upsurge in gunfire at Israeli troops in the West Bank in recent days.

Thursday evening was the last night of Ramadan, called Laylat al-Qadr or the Night of Power, which is considered one of the most important dates in the month-long festival.

Police anticipated unrest and deployed thousands of officers and para-military Border Police in East Jerusalem.

The forces were to stay until the conclusion of Friday prayers.

Israel’s ongoing military offensive to stem Hamas attacks from Gaza has prompted anger in the West Bank.

There have also been sporadic riots in East Jerusalem ever since the discovery of the body of a teenager Arab who was kidnapped and burned to death last month.

Police arrested three alleged Jewish extremists who confessed to the crime and said that it was in revenge for the killing of three Jewish teenagers, allegedly by Hamas terrorists, on June 12.