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Ido Edri, 24: Off-duty Shin Bet agent stayed at rave to help

Killed by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Ido Edri (Courtesy)
Ido Edri (Courtesy)

Ido Edri, 24, from small Moshav Gibton near Rehovot, was murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

Ido, an operative with the Shin Bet agency, was unarmed during the rave, but immediately sprang into action when the terrorist invasion began, according to survivors. He guided people to the exits, working with security guards and police officers who were at the scene and treated the wounded, including Bar Zohar, who ultimately succumbed to her wounds.

The last known photograph taken of Ido alive shows him treating a wounded partygoer next to a vehicle. His friends said Ido refused to leave the site of the party even when they begged him to, choosing to stay behind and try to assist in any way he could. All of the friends he attended the rave with managed to survive.

Speaking at a Memorial Day ceremony, his father said Ido was “a charming young man, a lover of people and the land,” who fought against the Hamas invasion of the rave “until his last breath.” Shortly before 9 a.m., he said, he spoke on the phone with Ido, “and I understood that the worst of all had happened, I knew the situation was severe, I heard the distress in his voice, I knew I couldn’t help him.”

His body was identified a day after the attack. He was buried on October 8 in Rehovot. He is survived by his parents, Reut and Hanan, and his younger siblings Yonatan and Tamar.

According to a eulogy on the Shin Bet website, Ido began his mandatory military service in 2017 and served in the Golani Brigade, eventually rising to the rank of lieutenant and the position of deputy commander of Golani’s 13th Battallion.

He had only begun working in the Shin Bet at the start of 2023. The agency said even from the beginning “Ido exhibited high self-discipline, very good professional capabilities, seriousness, a strong work ethic, and a deepening and exciting motivation to be exposed to new worlds and to develop in the agency.” His superiors said, “Ido stood out as a social leader, aware of his surroundings, responsible and modest — who made sure to help and be there for his friends and colleagues.”

His friends recalled him playing basketball as a child, being the funniest of their group, and loving to let loose and party on the weekends.

Ido’s close childhood friend, Adi Taub, wrote on Facebook that their friend WhatsApp group is called “Ido Edri’s friends,” because “you are the center, the key.”

“You are a man of parties, a man of enjoyment; you set yourself goals and you crushed all of them. Your laughter is contagious, your smile is embracing, you are the person who made me laugh the most, and calibrated me the most.”

In a post on what would have been his 25th birthday, Ido’s mother, Reut, noted that he would usually celebrate with a huge party, “because you’d never dream of not having your million friends.”

“In your life, you brought me complete and total joy, true love and a rare bond between mother and son including hours of deep conversations and revelations,” she wrote. “In your modest, quiet and kind way, you knew with your maturity to have my back and be my island of confidence and endless pride.”

“You were a huge light in the life of so many people,” Reut continued. “I wish I could shower you with endless gifts and love and treats today. You loved treats so much, you loved life so much — you just loved so much.”

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