APERIO Systems was chosen as the most innovative startup in cybersecurity at the Cybertech 2017 conference’s startup competition this week.

Yoav Leitersdorf, founder of YL Ventures, which held the competition, awarded the winning prize to company founders Yevgeni Nogin and Michael Shalyt.

APERIO, which was selected as winner over dozens of candidates, has developed a technology that is said to identify, send out alerts and take real-time corrective action when hackers try to artificially manipulate data to damage critical infrastructures, such as electricity grids or water supply networks.

Through the use of algorithms, APERIO’s technology scours the systems and alerts users to forgeries by monitoring the machinery and seeking inconsistencies in physical realities compared to their historical performance. Any mismatches generate an alert and the software pinpoints the attacked equipment and faked process data.

Then, using a combination of physics and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, APERIO reconstructs the real values of the forged operational data and reverts it to its original state in real time.

Finalists in the competition included Intezer, which developed a “Shazam” like technology for software, able to identify the name and manufacturer of any unknown file or code, be it secure software or malware; Cymulate, a platform for extended simulation of cyberattacks, enabling to run multiple controlled cyberattacks simultaneously; and Cybellum, which has developed a technology that stops zero-days attacks — when software has an security vulnerability — in the initial and critical stage of the breach, the CyberTech organizers said in a statement.