A few months ago Doron Matalon was harassed by an ultra-Orthodox man for standing in the front of a Jerusalem bus while in her army uniform. On Tuesday, Channel 2 reported that the young woman had turned to a new profession that would allow her to show and use her body: Matalon signed a modeling contract.

Matalon’s agent Adi Barkan told reporters the contract was signed months before the incident aboard a Jerusalem bus that turned the young woman’s name into a national headline.

In December 2011, the 20-year-old soldier was on the bus on her way to her base. During the bus ride an ultra-Orthodox man told her to move to the back, and she refused. As a result the man accused her of acting in a provocative way and called her a slut and a prostitute. He was later arrested by the police for sexual harassment.

Doron Matalon (photo credit: Refael Mizrahi, courtesy Adi Barkan)

Doron Matalon (photo credit: Refael Mizrahi, courtesy Adi Barkan)

Now Matalon’s body will be seen, not only by those riding on the bus with her. Pictures shown on Channel 2 show the young woman modeling various outfits, including swimwear.

Some of the religious community were outraged by the story, with writers in ultra-Orthodox forums suggesting the bus incident was a staged provocation in order to promote her new career.

Barkan denied the claims, and said Matalon was “in shock” about the way events unraveled.