Hamas’s military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, claimed on Monday that the group downed and captured an Israeli drone that was operating in the skies over the Gaza Strip.

An afternoon Twitter post showed a masked Hamas fighter holding a large piece of what it called a “Zionist craft,” which it said was downed over Shejaiya, a neighborhood of Gaza City. The group promised that a video of the incident would be posted soon.

Hamas’s claims were not immediately responded to by Israel. A military source told The Times of Israel that the Israel Defense Forces had no comment on the matter.

The IDF is known to be utilizing several types of UAVs during the current hostilities with Hamas, including small reconnaissance drones that provide real-time intelligence, as well as larger craft, which can launch missile attacks.

On Sunday, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards claimed that an Israeli stealth drone attempting to spy on the Natanz nuclear site was shot down and captured.

Early in June, a drone launched by Hamas from Gaza approached Ashdod before being shot down by an IDF surface-to-air missile.