Hamas experimented firing long-range rockets recently, shooting the projectiles into Sinai, Israel Radio reported on Sunday.

The station also reported that members of the organization had traveled to Libya to purchase arms and munitions to be transported and smuggled into Gaza.

According to the report, Hamas launched a rocket from Gaza toward Sinai two weeks ago, and the rocket landed a few dozen kilometers south of Gaza in the Egyptian-ruled peninsula.

While Hamas’s rocket arsenal consists mostly of Grad and Kassam rockets, keeping the western Negev under threat of attack from Gaza, Israeli officials fear the Islamist group may gain the capability to hit Tel Aviv and the heart of the country with longer-range weapons.

The fall of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi last year led to the opening up of the north African country’s extensive arsenals. Western intelligence official have said the arms could end up in the hands of terror groups.