A Bat Yam resident was charged on Sunday with attempted murder and false imprisonment for beating his girlfriend and locking her in a room, media reports said.

According to Channel 10, some two weeks ago, Evgeny Dovgilnok, 31, punched and kicked his girlfriend at a building where he worked as a security guard in Petah Tikva. After allegedly breaking two beer bottles over her head, causing her to lose consciousness, he locked her in an empty room and went on a drinking binge.

According to the charges, while the woman passed in and out of consciousness, Dovgilnok continued to beat her, and also at one point cut her cheek, so that “no one would look at her.”

He was apparently enraged that the woman was still in contact with her ex-husband. The woman had thought she was pregnant, but had informed Dovgilnok she was not just prior to the incident.

Her situation was eventually discovered by a fellow employee, who was able to bring the victim to the hospital in a taxi. She was diagnosed with a ruptured liver, stab wounds, a broken nose and other injuries.

Dovgilnok was taken into custody, where police say he will remain until his trial.