Under the covers with undercover cop
Intimate surveillance Intimate surveillance

Under the covers with undercover cop

Policewoman accidentally records herself discussing what's hot and what's not in the bedroom; court to review details

Stuart Winer is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

The undercover policewoman's most intimate details are now on record - [illustrative photo]
The undercover policewoman's most intimate details are now on record - [illustrative photo]

An undercover policewoman accidentally revealed her most intimate details when she forgot that a microphone she was wearing was still on, Maariv reported on Tuesday.

After first berating the many failings of her current partner, she then went on to describe what an ideal lover would do to make her feel like a woman, little realizing that every word would later be submitted as evidence in court.

The incident happened during the course of a police murder investigation that involved obtaining information from a hospitalized woman. Police believed that the patient had vital knowledge about the case and decided to send in an undercover cop, dressed as a cleaner, to try and record the woman discussing details of the crime.

The policewoman succeeded in infiltrating the hospital in disguise, but failed to record the desired information. Eventually she went outside for a cigarette break and spoke on the phone to a friend, but forgot that the recording device was still activated. During the course of the call the policewoman discussed intimate details of her love life that had been, she said, frustrated for many months by the inadequacies of her lover.

Unaware that every word was being recorded, she explained how she was thinking of breaking up with him and then proceeded to list, in great detail, exactly what he would do in the bedroom, what he wouldn’t do, and what she wanted but wasn’t getting.

Police regulations, and the law, require that all parts of a recording be documented and submitted for legal review. Transcribers faithfully committed every sordid detail that the woman spoke, for the record.

The investigation eventually led to charges and, as a result, all material relating to the case — including the content of the recording — was sent to both the prosecution and defense councils, as well as court officials.

The hapless policewoman is due to give evidence in the case and will be required to face the court, many of whom know every intimate detail of her love life.

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