Canadian Muslim preacher: Peace deals are ‘garbage’

Shaban Sherif Mady says Jerusalem will be ‘regained through blood,’ claims UN never passed a resolution against Israel

A Muslim preacher in Canada delivered a scathing sermon in which he declared that peace accords with Israel are “useless garbage,” vowed that Jerusalem will be conquered through blood, and claimed that the United Nations has never passed a single resolution condemning Israel.

During a Friday sermon in Edmonton, Alberta, religious leader Imam Shaban Sherif Mady also lashed out at a broad sweep of countries and their leaders, including Russia, Iran, China, Libya and Egypt.

A video of the sermon was published on the internet May 6 and an English translation of Mady’s comments was later provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“Our Jerusalem, the place of our Prophet’s nocturnal journey, will only be regained through blood,” he said.

“How can you make peace while the other side uses weapons?” Mady asked.

“Peace accords, Sykes-Picot, and all these sorts of things are useless garbage,” he said, referring to the 1916 agreement between the UK and France to divide large areas of the Middle East following the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War.

“You are talking about peace, while he is killing?! You are talking about peace, while he has F-16s, tanks and rockets. So what kind of peace is this? It is ‘peace be upon you,’ my dear. Send my ‘peace’ and greetings… What peace? Why hasn’t there been even a single [UN] resolution condemning Israel, ever since its establishment? There has never been an international resolution against it.”

The UN Security Council has passed over 130 resolutions dealing with the Israeli-Arab conflict. According to the Human Rights Voices website, the UN Human Rights Council passed 45 resolutions condemning Israel between 2006-2014, almost more than the combined number of resolutions against all other countries in the world.

Mady also preached that “the Prophet Muhammad said that there would be a peace agreement between the Muslims and the Byzantines, which would be respected, and that the [Muslims] would fight another enemy. Who is this other enemy? It is Iran and its filthy lackeys and dogs, like Russia, China and those who support them, as well as the secular dogs in the Arab world, like the children of [UAE founding president] Zayed [bin Sultan Al Nahyan], and that Jewish Zionist [Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah] El-Sissi, as well as that secular traitor [Libyan leader Khalifa] Haftar, together with all these traitors.”

“They will all come to an end. Thanks to this peace agreement, they will all vanish from the face of the Earth. When? Hopefully, this will happen soon.”

In February, during another sermon, Mady predicted that Islam would soon conquer Rome, “the heart of the Christian state.”

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