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Israeli cops tase raving US tourist who ‘saw Jesus’

Wife of 31-year-old says ‘Jesus told him to go north and destroy the credit cards’

An American tourist was tased and subdued by Israeli police in the north of the country after going on a rampage and claiming that Jesus appeared to him in a vision.

The man, who has reportedly been in Israel for two weeks with his wife and son, had a vision, according to his wife.

“Jesus was revealed to him and told him to go north and destroy the credit cards,” she told police.

Police were called on Thursday night after the 31-year-old American man attacked a guard at Kibbutz Almagor, north of the Sea of Galilee, injuring him lightly. The man also caused damage to a car before running off into the forest.

When confronted by the officers, he refused to calm down, and screamed at them repeatedly to shoot him.

In a police video, the man appears agitated and detached from reality.

He is seen brandishing a steel bar, threatening anyone who comes near him, while screaming at the cops, “Fire! Fire!”

After continued calls for him to drop the weapon, police eventually tased him. They were then able to overpower him and arrest him.

The suspect was brought to Nazareth Magistrate’s Court and his arrest was extended until Monday.

The incident took place just before the beginning of Good Friday, the Easter festival when Christians commemorate the crucifixion and burial of Jesus.

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