Biden intimates he could support Gaza ceasefire after all hostages released

US President Joe Biden says any discussions about a Gaza ceasefire can only take place if Hamas frees all hostages seized from Israel in its October 7 attack.

“We should have those hostages released and then we can talk,” Biden says at a White House event, when asked if he would support a “hostages-for-ceasefire” deal.

The comment indicates that the US may not support Israel’s goal of eliminating Hamas, should the 220 people kidnapped by the group be released.

Earlier, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the US opposed a ceasefire, as it would allow Hamas to recoup strength.

Israel says it wants all hostages released, and also must ensure that the terror group never again be able to repeat the slaughter it carried out on October 7, when it invaded communities near the border and massacred some 1,400 Israelis.

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