Haimovich parts ways with Blue and White citing ‘idological gaps’

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz and MK Miki Haimovich meet and agree that she will not to run with the party in the March 2021 election.

“After meeting, the two concluded that Haimovich will not be included on the Blue and White slate during the upcoming elections. Gantz wished her well going forward,” the party leader’s office says in a statement.

Haimovich says in a Facebook post that she “agrees with the decision,” and that the “ideological gaps” between her and Gantz had become “unbridgeable.”

Miki Haimovich with Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz at the Knesset in Jerusalem, June 3, 2019. (Yonatan Sindel/ Flash90/File)

Referring to her decision to vote against extending the budget deadline last week, ultimately causing the fall of the government, she says she has “a clear conscience and pride in the way I voted in order to prevent Netanyahu from dragging things out and gaining more time in his position, after half a year in which he managed the country only based on in his personal and political interest.”

“I thank Ganz for the partnership and trust, and thank him for the right to chair the Knesset’s Interior and Environmental Protection Committee. I wish him success in his future endeavors.” she concludes.