Italy expels imam who delivered anti-Semitic speech

The Italian Interior Ministry has expelled a Muslim preacher for an anti-Semitic sermon. Sheikh Abd al-Barr al-Rawdhi said in a sermon delivered in San Dona’ di Piave that God should “kill [the Jews] to the very last one.”

The ministry says in a statement that the decision was made to deport al-Rawdhi on the basis of “grave disturbance of the public order, endangering national security and discrimination based on religious motives.”

“It’s unacceptable to deliver a speech of clear anti-Semitic tenor, containing explicit incitement to religious violence and hate,” Interior Minister Angelino Alfano writes in a communique. “For this reason, I have ordered his immediate expulsion from [Italian] national territory. My decision serves as a warning to all those who think that Italy is a place to preach hatred.”

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