Netanyahu thanks Biden for unreserved support, says Israel faces ‘challenging days’ but will win

Netanyahu says the army is currently clearing Hamas terrorists from everywhere they infiltrated, going house to house, “restoring control to our hands.”

He sends love and condolences to all the bereaved families that lost loved ones “brutally murdered in cold blood.” He prays for the recovery of the injured.

And he warns Hamas that Israel will hold it responsible for the hostages it has taken. “Israel will avenge anyone who is harmed,” he says, “in so much as a hair on their head.”

He says Israel stands in solidarity with residents of the south, who stood firm and fought bravely.

He praises the security forces, calling them the latest in the long history of Israel’s war heroes.

“You are fighting now for all of our homes, for all of our futures,” he says.

“We are all with you, we all love you, we all salute you.”

He praises the members of the emergency services, and says their spirit will help overcome our enemies.

He says he spoke with President Biden and other world leaders from France, Britain and beyond, thanks Biden for his “unreserved support,” and says he secured international backing for “freedom of action” for Israel.

Netanyahu says all Israelis “are in this together. It will take time. It will be hard. We have challenging days ahead of us.”

But he promises that “with God’s help, with our combined strength, and with our belief in an eternal Israel, we will win.”

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