Singapore virus cases surge to 8,000

Singapore’s virus infections shoot up to nearly 8,000 after a record 1,426 cases were reported Monday.

The tiny city-state now has the highest number of cases in Southeast Asia at 7,984, a massive surge from just 200 on March 15. Authorities say most of the new cases were again linked to foreign workers, who account for over a million of Singapore’s workforce.

More than 200,000 low-wage workers from Asia live in tightly packed dormitories that became virus hotspots after they were overlooked earlier by the government. Over half of the registered 43 dormitories have been declared “isolated areas” with workers quarantined, while several thousands have been moved out to alternative sites to reduce crowding.

The government has said cases are expected to rise amid ongoing testing at the dorms, but hope that a partial lockdown until May 4, mandatory wearing of masks and strict social distancing measures will help curb the spread of the virus.


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