Watch SNL’s skewering of pro-Palestinian campus protests

For those who missed it, “Saturday Night Live” opened its latest episode with a skit mocking pro-Palestinian college students who have erected anti-Israel encampments on campuses across the country rather than going to class.

The Cold Open skit was a talk show featuring the parents of three college students, two of whom are apprehensive about where the protests are heading.

But a third parent, Alphonse Roberts, expresses his support for the protests, hailing young people for making their voices heard.

Impressed by his statement of support, the talk show host says Roberts must be proud of his daughter.

A stunned Roberts says he wasn’t talking about his own child.

“Alexis Vanessa Roberts better have her butt in class. Let me find out she in one of those damn tents instead of a dorm room that I pay for,” he warns. “I am supportive of y’all’s kids protesting, not my kid. My kid knows better.

“She ain’t talkin’ ’bout no ‘free this,’ ‘free that.’ Because I tell you what ain’t free: Columbia,” Roberts says.

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