Report: Israeli missiles hit Syrian army outpost near Damascus

Syrian military source denies strikes; no immediate reports on casualties or nature of targets

An IDF drone landing in an airfield on the Golan Heights, on January 20, 2015. (Jack Guez/AFP)
An IDF drone landing in an airfield on the Golan Heights, on January 20, 2015. (Jack Guez/AFP)

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Wednesday said three Israeli rockets hit Syrian army positions near Damascus, according to Reuters.

A pro-Syrian government military source denied the report, Reuters added.

Hezbollah’s al-Manar television also denied the report.

There was no immediate report of casualties.

The attack purportedly consisted of three missile strikes that detonated a regime military facility, with witnesses seeing secondary explosions — usually indicating that explosives stored at the site exploded due to the attack.

Israel has openly said it targets weapons shipments, especially of “game-changing” weapons, from Iran and the Assad regime to the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon. Hezbollah, which has fought alongside Iran and the Assad regime in Syria’s five-year-old civil war, has many tens of thousands of rockets stockpiled in south Lebanese villages intended to be fired at Israeli cities in the event of war.

In late December, Hezbollah-allied terrorist Samir Kuntar was killed in an explosion in his Damascus home which was attributed to Israel. Kuntar’s death was followed within hours by rocket strikes from Lebanon on the northern Israeli city of Nahariya.

Days after Kuntar’s assassination, Israeli warplanes hit Hezbollah targets in the Qalamoun area of Syria in a series of at least seven airstrikes, Syrian media outlets reported at the time. The IDF declined to comment on the alleged airstrikes.

In November, Israel reportedly carried out as many as four airstrikes on Syrian regime and Hezbollah positions in the area of the Qalamoun mountains, targeting what officials have indicated were believed to be weapons convoys.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said Tuesday that although the group is not seeking war with Israel, it could defeat the Jewish state in a future conflict by targeting Haifa’s ammonia storage tanks, causing massive fatalities.

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