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Settler drummer gatecrashes Palestinian wedding

Revelers sing and dance to the music of Yoni Sharon, who decided to pop in to the event on his way home

An Israeli musician surprised participants at a Palestinian wedding last week at which he showed up uninvited and began playing a drum, drawing partygoers to sing and dance around him.

In a post to his Facebook page, Yoni Sharon wrote that he was on his way home to the West Bank settlement of Kfar Eldad, just southeast of Jerusalem, after giving a performance, when he noticed a wedding in a nearby Palestinian village “that I had to go to,” even though he wasn’t invited.

The accompanying video shows Sharon playing his darbuka drum as Arabic music plays in the background, with a crowd of Palestinian men standing around him and watching.

As Sharon continues to play, the excitement of the crowd gradually grows, and by the end of the video Sharon is surrounded by revelers singing and dancing.

בדרך הבייתה מהופעה, הייתה חתונה בכפר פלסטיני הסמוך לבייתי, הייתי חייב להכנס…(כוחותינו שבו בשלום)ולמי שמכיר אותי, דעותיי על הסכסוך במזרח התיכון ידועות, אל דאגה..

Posted by Yoni Sharon on trešdiena, 2017. gada 19. aprīlis

At the end of the post, Sharon wrote, “For those that know me, my views on the Middle East conflict are already known, don’t worry,” which he further explained in response to a comment, writing, “I sit with Arabs and we laugh together about the pluralistic Israeli left that that thinks it can bring peace from the cafes in Tel Aviv.

“The entirety of my values (the family unit, etc.) as a religious and conservative person are much more similar to my Palestinian neighbors than those of the secular and promiscuous left,” he added.

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